Credit Repair

It doesn’t matter from what walk of life we come from, sometimes, we could all do with a little bit of a financial boost. Having access to credit can give us just that, allowing us much more freedom than without it. It means that we can come closer to our financial goals, opening up a range of new possibilities. However, you need to be able to keep up with them, or they can have an adverse effect on you – like has happened with so many other Americans.

    About Us
    Little Rock Credit Repair are a company, who want to help exactly that kind of person. For a many number of years, we have been helping our community to find their feet again, when times got tough. Through financial expertise and plenty of experience in the field, we have been able to help put right the debts, that once weighed heavy on the shoulders of our clients. We are a team who care about you and your individual circumstances.

    Our Services

    Our services are designed to help you with a range of different types of debts. Many of them accumulate for unfair reasons and sometimes even through error. Having them on your credit report is going to hold you back, something we are not prepared to let happen. Through focused and expertly devised methods of dispute, we will wipe clean the slate of your credit history, whenever it has been unfairly marked against you.


    Inquiries are a mark on a credit report, which appear after an inquiry is made into your history. Being either a hard inquiry or a soft inquiry, it could be done by you, a creditor or even an employer. Sometimes, one can be made without your authorization, something which isn’t going to have any legal grounds and so, is an unfair mark against you. If you find that one has been placed on your report wrongly or unfairly, then you are within your right to have an inquiry removal, right away. That is something that we, at Little Rock Credit Repair, are able to help you put right.


    When you fall behind on the payments for your mortgage, you could find yourself facing the foreclosure process. You could face losing everything and it may seem like there is nothing more you can do. However, we are here to tell you that there is. Through professional guidance and a dedication to your cause, we will help you fix your credit and appease your lender.

    Charge Offs

    When you are faced with having your credit accounts charged off, you can be left with a mark on your credit report, that will follow you around for years. Having it removed could be the difference between future financial freedom or not. To achieve that, the important thing is the ability to dispute and negotiate a fair deal with the creditor. You need experience and skill to do that, something you can find with us, at Little Rock Credit Repair. When you need charge off removal, then you would benefit greatly from both our guidance and negotiation.

    Tax Liens

    Falling behind on your tax payments can put you in trouble of legal ramifications. Whilst the police won’t come straight to your doorstep, you could be presented with a tax lien. This is still bad news, as it can lead to your assets and income being seized. But just because this type of credit comes from an official body, does not mean that it can’t be disputed, you just need some tactics and professionalism. If that is the kind of thing that would help you, then you would benefit from working with us, at Little Rock Credit Repair.

    Student Loans

    Before young Americans are even able to get up on their feet, many are loaded with the debts of their student loans. Falling behind is common and many are plunged into issues with delinquent accounts and even defaulting. All of this can put financial strain on your future and can stop you in your tracks, before you have really gotten going. But many filings are given unfairly or erroneously, meaning they can be rectified. All you need, is some professional support and guidance.


    After a payment is made to have a legal binding, it is unavoidable. You are going to have to pay your judgement, until it is satisfied. An unsatisfied judgement is going to be one of the worst marks you can have, whilst a satisfied one will still show up for seven years. When it comes to judgement removal, it is imperative to have the right legal knowledge for the job. That is something that you can only guarantee, through the services of a serious and professional outfit of specialists.

    Contact Little Rock Credit Repair

    Finding the right credit repair company comes with finding individuals you can trust. That is something, which you would be able to hear from any one of our previous clients. Little Rock Credit Repair are known for our dedication to your situation and helping you to get back on track to real financial freedom. So, we can say with confidence that we would be able to do the same for you. All you need to do is get in contact with us.

    “When I was facing hard times with an unsatisfied judgement, I needed some support and guidance. A friend recommended I use Little Rock Credit Repair and I am ever so glad I did. They went to great lengths to organize me an agreement, with my former creditor. Without their help, I don’t know what I would have done. Cannot say thank you enough.” – James M

    “Little Rock Credit Repair helped me get back on track, after I was given a tax lien. They helped dispute my case and get me better terms, as well as provided me with quality advice, to start making moves in the right direction.” – Britt N

    “Going through the foreclosure process was the hardest thing I was ever hit with. But Little Rock Credit Repair helped me face it with confidence, with a well mounted dispute. They went to the credit bureaus and presented my case, achieving more than I ever could have hoped. There really is no one I would recommend more.” – Jasper B