At some point in our lifetimes, the vast majority of us are going to need a loan. Whether that is through a credit card or for another type of loan, you are going to have to rely on the credit score that you’ve accumulated. But sometimes, even if you have done your best to maintain a good credit score, there are going to be ways for you to affect it. An example of this would your inquiries. Building up a number of these could have a negative effect on your score and could get in the way of your financial goals, going forward. But there is something that can be done about these, when you are led by the right guidance and services. And, at Little Rock Credit Repair, we can offer you exactly those.

Hard Inquiries
Hard inquiries are a type of inquiry, which occur when you apply for a new credit card or another type of loan. When the lender makes an insight into your credit history, the inquiry will be marked and will remove a number of points. However, these can only be validated, if you give your authorization. As you apply for additional loan amounts, this will increase and will quickly reflect against your total score. This will remain for two years, which could become a hurdle for your financial moves, within that space of time.

Soft Inquiries
The other type of inquiry, is known as a soft inquiry. This is a term, that is thrown around on just as regular of a basis, as with hard inquiries. It may seem equally daunting but this type of inquiry does not have an effect on your credit score. It occurs when you or another company carry out a background check on you or even, if you make your own search into your credit score. It is not attached to an application for a loan so wont cause you any hinderance in the future.

Disputing Inquiries
If you have any hard inquiries on your credit report, which you haven’t authorized, you may be concerned about how they are going to limit you. However, there is a way for you to escape all of that worry, with our fine services. We will be able to any unapproved inquiries directly to your lender and dispute them. These have no legal standing and so, will need to be removed right away. To make sure this happens, we confront them with their wrong doing and ensure that they rectify every detail of it.

Improve Your Credit Score
In doing this, we can guarantee your credit score to be better off than it would have been without out help. Our promise, to every one of our customers, is that we will achieve the financial wellbeing that you are rightfully entitled to. You can count on us to get any unauthorized inquiry removed and your credit report repaired, so you can start taking the steps towards your financial objectives.