There comes a time when payment matters enter into a court. It could be following on from a law suit or come from a legally bound demand. Either way, it is going to have an official backing, which will make it something that you cannot escape. This is what is known as a judgement. A judgement is going to be a payment that you simply can’t avoid and trying to dispute it, is going to depend on the approach that you take. You need to have the correct legal knowledge to counter it, alongside experience with the handling of the process. That can take some expert help but that is what you get, with us, at Little Rock Credit Repair.

Unsatisfied Judgements
The worst judgement mark you can have placed on your credit report, is an unsatisfied judgement. You receive an unsatisfied judgement, when you have one placed against you and you are unable to make the repayment. It is a big red mark, which is going to indicate to any future creditors that you were unable to ever pay back your debt. For seven years, it is going to follow you around and that could be extended, if you still aren’t able to pay during that period of time.

Satisfied Judgements
Once you have been able to match the payment amount of your judgement, your unsatisfied mark will be changed into satisfied. It will mean that you no longer have the added burden of the debts following you around and your account will be looked on more favorably. In the eyes of a creditor, this is obviously better, as it is going to show that you have been able to pay back the amount that was owed. However, it will still come up on your credit report and will remain there for seven years.

Removing Judgements
Judgements are usually concrete rulings against someone, which have passed the stipulation of a court of law. If one has been done correctly there is going to be little you can do, towards rectifying them. However, there are a number of ways which can be tested, which could rid you of them. With various legal loopholes and the potential for mistakes and inconsistencies, you should have confidence that there could be something that can be done. However, in trying to take advantage of them, you need to be able to find them first.

Professional Guidance
Uncovering these things is something that can only be done, if you know what you are looking for. You need to have a fair familiarity with the topic and be experienced in the points of dispute that you could raise. Whilst that may not be something you can guarantee for yourself, that is certainly going to be something you will find in us. Little Rock Credit Repair provide a professional level of guidance, based on a many number of years in the industry and the vast knowledge of every member of our team.