Student Loans

There are hundreds of thousands of young Americans out there, with mounting student debts. So many head off to college, with the intention of obtaining their degrees, only to come out with monthly bills, which can very easily get the best of us. Coming out of school, it can be a daunting thing and for many people, it can get the better of them. Nobody wants the price of their education weighing them down, before they have even been able to get their financial lives on track. You need to approach your debts with confidence, with a clear plan for what to do. So, if you are looking for ways to make yours more manageable, then you need to get in contact with us, at Little Rock Credit Repair.

Risk of Default
It is essential that you stay on top of your student loan, otherwise it may go into default. Defaulting on your loan can put a lot of strain on your financial future and present. Damage done to your credit score, high interest rates on your existing accounts and the guarantee of a difficult time, trying to secure any loans at all. Before you even get on your feet, you shouldn’t have to be facing this reality. But sometimes, this is exactly the situation that some people find themselves in.

Effect on Credit Report
When you don’t keep up with your repayments for 90 days or over, you will officially be listed as a delinquent account. Your credit report will take its first hit, at this point. That will leave you unable to take out loans as easily and paying more on your existing ones. This needs to be paid of quickly and importantly, before you reach 270 days. At this point, you will be eligible to go into default, a mark which will remain for 7 years. On your credit report, that can be the worst thing and you are going to be very limited, in the moves you make following.

Finding Points of Dispute
If you think that your credit report is not reflecting your situation fairly or is in fact, showing something erroneously, you could be able to forge a fair argument for dispute. But doing that is going to need to some investigation. For things like incorrect recordings of your financial or education situation, or if you were entitled to forbearance or deferment, there needs to be sufficient proof and confident backing. That is what we will help you do, getting to the bottom of the specifics and mounting a reasonable dispute.

Professional Guidance
The key to succeeding with eliminating a student loan default from your credit report, comes with professional guidance. It is not a process that is going to be the easiest to navigate, especially without any experience. Instead, you need to be making use of the quality services that we provide, following our expert advice. We can guarantee our best efforts towards freeing you from the credit history, that has been weighing you down.